Why I’m Walking 2200 miles in the Wilderness

Time for Change

Why? That is always the big question to surface. Short answer: why not. My answer: to discover my unconditioned self. To strip myself of consumerism and to embrace only what is essential to thrive in raw unbridled happiness, living only in the moment. And quite frankly, to hopefully restore my faith in me and humanity in general.

I also want to explore the framework and logistics of a book idea that’s been a bee in my bonnet over the past few months regarding how the power of choice has impacted my life. Generally speaking, this is a David and Goliath like thing for me.

And now for the primary reason. To discover what God’s Universe wants for me and from me. This alone could be the answers to all of the above.

This all comes from my life coming to a crossroads. Where in the past, when new beginnings presented themselves, I chose the comfort of continuing to be a slave of the dollar. Living in a fake society that makes up a false reality that many people refer to as the rat race.

I’m embracing my fear of the unknown and choosing only the moment a hand. Yep, I’m choosing the life a a smelly thru hiker, living out of my pack for 5+ months, walking 20+ miles a day and waking up each morning and doing it all over again.

What will I do after completing the trail? Quite honestly, I have no idea, and frankly it really doesn’t concern me at this moment. That’s way too far down the line to burden myself with. What ever happens, well… it will just happen. That’s what I call freedom, and other’s will call it madness. So be it! Meanwhile, I’ve got 5 million goals (steps) to achieve in Nature.

May sunshine always flood your path.


3 thoughts on “Why I’m Walking 2200 miles in the Wilderness

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  1. That is really beautiful, Barry. I love the idea of you writing a book, I have a feeling this adventure will play a big part in it. You’re going to meet so many good people. I know in the long run that wherever your journey leads it’s going to be beautiful because you’ll make it that way. So excited for you to get started! It’s an honor to know you my friend, you are truly inspirational ❤

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